Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hair Flowers

I've been ogling hair flowers from PforPrincess on Etsy for forever. Not a promo or treasury has gone by without me thinking "I should really include one of those sparkly flowers I love so much...". Here is more living proof of just how amazing these hair clips are. Sofie's birthday is coming up and I just had to treat the girls, but now I may have a sparkly flower clip addiction! OH and it's not just clips, but flowery headbands too!!
The girls are pretty rough on their things and I was really worried they would trash these flowers, but they are so well made. Sof & Lu have put these clips through the roughest of their tough outdoor play. Not only do they still look brand new, but all of the sparkles are intact and the grip is still firm. Talk about high quality! The princesses can battle dragons and still look like little ladies.
See for yourself at:


Goldtone Designs said...

You've been tagged in my blog come by and check it out - Jen/Goldie

P.S. No need to thank me! ROTFL

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi, I just found your blog and those flower clips are just the cutest :) Happy New Year, Catherine and the Bumpkin Bears